Saturday, September 6, 2008

Treatments I've tried for chronic pain

Treatments tried for chronic pain, insomnia, and headaches:

1. Physical Therapy - Deep tissue massage - Ultrasound - Cervical Traction (seen below)
- Cervical traction: parts of the spinal column are “pulled” in opposite directions in order to stabilize or change damaged aspects of the spine ( ). This process sometimes felt good and sometimes really hurt. It can also give you vertigo, making you dizzy and nauseous.
- Stretches and other exercises (with and without elastic bands)

2. Medications
- Neurontin (Gabapentin): nerve pain
- Cyclobenzaprine: muscle relaxant
- Noritriptyline: muscle relaxant
- Amitriptyline: muscle relaxant
- Topamax: headaches
- Tramadol: headaches
- Depakote: headaches
- Ambien: insomnia
- Ambien CR: insomnia
- Lunesta: insomnia
- Ibuprofen 800mg: as needed for pain
- Hydrocodone (Vicodin): as needed for pain
3. Acupuncture: done on the head, neck, and back
4. Injection therapy: injections were done from the middle of my head down to my lower back.
- Prolotherapy: A sugar solution or other irritating substance is injected into trigger points (areas where pain is felt) in the fibrous tissue that covers bones. This is believed to trigger inflammation, which causes fibrous tissue growth that can strengthen the area.
- Cortizone shots
- Trigger point injections: Anesthetic is injected directly into areas of the body where pain is present.
- Lidocaine injections: to numb area of pain
- Procaine injections: to numb area of pain
5. Lidocaine patches: to numb area of pain
6. Scapular taping: taping the shoulder blades back into the position they should be in
7. Massage
8. Diagnostic tests:
- X-rays
- CT scan
9. Types of experts and doctors seen: family physician, sports medicine specialist, neurologists, pain management doctors, alternative pain medicine, trauma therapist, physical therapists, pain psychologist.

That is everything that I can remember at the moment and I think I got it all. As far as I’ve been told by several physicians, I’ve tried most of the treatment options available. All options except for surgery…shoulder restabalization surgery, and that it wasn’t “guaranteed to work”. So that was that.

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