Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall is Coming

The weather has been getting cooler and the wind has been picking up. That equals greater chances for pain each day. As the seasons change, I can feel it in my muscles and in my bones. The cooler weather tightens up the muscles. This also means that it's easier to pull and strain muscles while doing daily activities. I think it's really important to develop a plan for ways to ease pain when the weather gets worse. This often times involves heat. A hot shower and letting the pressure from the water massage your neck can be a lifesaver. Wearing appropriate clothing for the weather and temperature is important as well is being prepared for weather changes. I almost always have a sweater in the car, just in case I get cold. Cold = increased pain. Which reminds me, I was going to post about making a "Wellness Toolbox" directed towards those who suffer from chronic pain. Look for that information in my next post.


Jen said...

I have an assortment of beautiful scarves for fall and winter. I always wear a scarf for my neck pain. Having some really pretty ones makes it feel more like a fashion statement than a medical necessity and has kind of become my "trademark".

Read on... said...

That's awesome and a great idea! Yeah, keeping my neck warm is pretty key too. We still need to reschedule our coffee date :)