Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pain Assessment Tool

This is the scale that I use to rate my pain. I try to do this daily and keep a log of it, but that's tiring also, which is a bad excuse. This morning my neck is at a 7 and my headache is at a 6. After doing some stretches my upper back has gone from a 6 to a 5. If you use the same scale regularly than it is easier to follow pain levels more reliably. If you switch how you rate pain, there isn't much of a point to recording it if they don't correspond to one another.

From yesterday to today, there has been about a 10 degree drop in temperature. Could that be the reason my body is so tight and sore today? Maybe. Could it be because I painted yesterday? Maybe. I also did some cleaning maybe that's what caused it. My best guess is that it was a combination of everything.

Keeping a pain journal is very useful for tracking pain day to day to try to find patterns and reasons for why you're hurting. When you're in pain, the days can blend together and it's easy to forget what you've done and what you haven't done. Keeping note of it and weather conditions can help you better understand your pain triggers. The journal is also an excellent outlet for recording how you're feeling during these difficult times.

Do you keep a pain journal? Has it helped you notice any patterns in behavior and your pain levels?

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