Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Social Security Disability

I just finished filling out a packet for my claim for Social Security Disability.  It’s like the lawsuit I went through….having to detail how much life has changed and become so much more difficult.  I hear that they deny nearly everyone the first time.  It’s so sad and irritating how people fake their injuries and make it more difficult for those who really are suffering.  It’s very hard to think about and not begin to cry.  Maybe I need to consider some serious writing to a representative or even Mr. Obama.  Something has to be done who help those suffering from chronic pain every day in their lives.  It’s a challenging existence.  I just thank God that I have such a supportive and loving family. 

On a positive note, I am very happy to report that Nate and I picked up our dachshund puppy, Cooper.  He’s a joy (and a little irritating at night with all the crying, but he’s just a baby….hah).  We’re crazy about him and he’s been good for me.    Cooper Monday 5-4 040 Cooper Day 2 027

Is he not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!  Such a doll!

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