Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yoga to the Rescue

Today I tried a new yoga DVD that my mom had gotten for me. It's called "Yoga to the Rescue: Feel Good from Head to Toe with Desiree Rumbaugh". I tried about the first half of the workout and the stretches were great. They focus on strengthening the neck, back, and shoulders which is great. The workout portion is actually set up in single segments for each pose/stretch so you don't have to do them all as a series if you wouldn't like to or if it's uncomfortable. So if some of the poses are bothersome, while others feel good, you can pick and choose which benefit you the most. Always check with your doctor to see if they feel that this dvd is something good for you to be doing. I think this dvd is something that could be good for me to keep active and maintain strength. I can see this as being a very relaxing activity as well...the music is soothing and is filmed in a beautiful studio. I feel like this dvd can be emotionally and physically healing and plan on using it at least once a week.

Is there a specific activity or exercise that you use to maintain muscle tone and flexibility? What have you found that works and doesn't work?

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