Friday, August 12, 2011

Still No News...

Still no news from Social Security. It's really getting irritating so I'm going to call my attorney's office on Monday to see if they've heard anything regarding my case.

Yesterday I had had plans to hang out with a friend and get outside. When I was putting my make-up on a really sharp pain started to throb in my side, nearly bringing me to the floor. I started to shake, sweat, and I thought I was gonna throw up. I was fine one minute, and the next a pain flare-up hit out of nowhere. This is what makes Fibromyalgia so unpredictable and make working a real job with a schedule, nearly impossible.

Today, I woke up with some back pain and feeling rather tired. About an hour after being up I began to get more achy and felt like rain was coming. I thought I'd do a little experiment and text a Fibro friend of mine and ask her if she felt like it was gonna rain. She felt the same way I did: achy and tired. So I went to and checked what was in store and sure enough, rain, rain, and more rain. We're little human barometers, we are. Fun party trick, eh? Not really.

On days like today, when the humidity gets worse and rain is coming, it's really important for people with Fibromyalgia to pace themselves. Don't overwork yourself with household chores and such, it could cause you to flare-up rather quickly. Be aware of how your body's feeling temperature wise and dress accordingly. Our bodies have a hard enough time maintaining a stable temperature and when the weather changes it can make our systems go haywire.

Take care of yourselves and know you're not alone :)

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