Thursday, August 25, 2011

Social Security letter

Last week I finally received a letter from Social Security telling me what the decision was in my SSDI hearing. They denied me again. This is the third time. That was a really rough day. I was feeling pretty depressed and hopeless about this whole process, but as I rolled over in bed and read the latest tattoo that I'd gotten, I told myself that I'm not giving up and this is not going to get the best of me.

About 2 1/2 weeks ago I got the word "persevere" tattooed on my right arm where I could easily read it. It was a word that I've been wanting to get tattooed for a while now and it's already helped me during a time when I was emotionally distraught.

I've called my attorney to tell him to go ahead with the appeal process. I'm gonna get disability. I'm not gonna let this long legal process get the best of me. God knows I'm familiar with all the bull you have to go through with the legal system after the car accident lawsuit I had gone through.

I hope you're all feeling well today and that you won't let the pain or others get the best of you either. You're not alone. Take care :)


SJ Egan - Fragment Designs said...

Hi there, hope you've had some luck with this.
I'm in the UK and I think I'm going to have to go on benefits soon unless I can get my business off the ground, I've had to hand my notice into work, it's not much good to a school if teacher needs to go lie down or stretch out every half hour!
Anywho just wanted to say, you're far from alone, and good luck with it.

Read on... said...

I'm sorry this message is LONG overdue. Thank you for your comment and I hope you've had luck with your business.

It really is hard to work when you need to take breaks so often. I've had to call in sick too many times to count. I just can't work.

Best of luck to you!!